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Read what Monte Cooke, the author of the 3e DMG, has to say about the sad hstory of Regdar.
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These ones are a little magic item heavy.

- Back in second edition, a Thief party member tried to steal some of Regdar's gold. The result convinced every Thief to call themselves "Rogues" in third edition, just to distance themselves from that foolish act.

- Regdar can enter and leave Ravenloft at will.

- Regdar dares to worship the Lady of Pain. And by worship, I mean gives the gift of his semen. To her mouth.

- When Regdar defeats a lich, he doesn't destroy its phylactory. He wears it as a necklace knowing none of them have the balls to re-form near him.

- Regdar does not have testicles in the traditional sense. Rather, he has two spheres of annihalation hanging from his groin. Consequently, he does not tea bag women; he annihalates them.

- Regdar knows how to work the machine of Lum the Mad and uses it to brew coffee.

- All of Regdar's bonuses stack.

- Regdar chose not to quest after the hand and eye of Vecna. Instead he quested after everything else.

- Regdar does not run from the Gazeebo.

- Regdar does not keep beer in his portable hole. He keeps a distillery.

- Regdar is the universe's natural response to powergaming.

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